About KM Lumiere


Welcome to my small shop! I’m a mom of two beautiful girls (yes they’re twins). 

Tha name KM Lumiere came to fruition one day as the girls and I were watching Beauty and the Beast. The candlestick Lumiere was talking and it hit me. Lumiere means light in French (I’m French) and my girls are the light of my life. This business is more than just candles, it will be a legacy and tool I can use to teach my girls the ways of being an entrepreneur. 

This business idea brewed throughout 2020 and through lots of trial and error I finally felt the confidence to launch in 2023. I truly believe any household should have non-toxic and safe products to have around children and animals. Many people don’t realize that includes candles and air fresheners. 

The products that I make are truly made with the highest standards in quality and of course with love as well. 

Open. Smell. Enjoy.